Hell at

You may be an heir to the estate.

Your presence is requested at Heavenly Estate Wednesday,
September 30 for the reading of the will for the late billionaire
James W. Miller. Among James’s dying wishes, he wanted
his will reading to be at a party thrown in his honor to gather
together those most important in his life.

Please join us upstairs in the Pool Room at 7pm
for cocktails + hors d’oeuvres before dinner.

The Rules

  1. Read your character description.

    This contains your identity and all the information you will need to play your part.

  2. Don’t reveal everything about yourself.

    While there are many things that everyone needs to know about you, there are some things that should remain secret. Use your discretion as to not give too much away—indeed, you may find out at the party that you are the killer!

  3. Make your character your own.

    Feel free to dress in character and develop your backstory with as much detail as you want, as long as it’s all consistent with the details we give you.

  4. Review all information ahead of time.

    This may be useful the night of the party.

  5. Use your money creatively.

    Upon arrival, you will receive $500 to spend any way you choose. Bribery and blackmail are two of the most common uses we found (and highly encourage). The wealthiest player at the end of the night will also receive an award for the ability to turn a profit.


In Loving Memory

James W. Miller

Eccentric Billionaire, Questionable Father,
(Un)Loving Husband, Blackmailed Brother, Boss

It is with great longing and unspeakable sadness that we say goodbye to one of the most successful businessmen and prominent billionaires ever to grace Tahoe County. Earlier this week, James W. Miller was brutally slain in an act of cold blood at his own estate. At this time, authorities have no leads on a suspect or motive.

James W. Miller was born right here in Tahoe County and spent his childhood at Heavenly. It was at the age of 20—when his uncle Kent (a good guy) met an untimely demise—that Mr. Miller inherited the family’s grand estate and its insurmountable wealth.

Over the years, Mr. Miller increased his wealth exponentially as a prominent art collector and distributor. He leaves in his wake one of the finest private art collections this world has ever seen.

All evidence collected so far has been inconclusive; investigators have ruled out suicide and misadventure, stating that “James Miller was willfully slain by someone he had no reason to fear and in whom he had perfect confidence. We’ll be looking very closely at the victim’s friends and relatives.”

Mr. Miller’s lawyer, Matthew Marcus, has asked that the investigation be postponed until family and friends have had a chance to gather and to pay tribute to Mr. Miller at Heavenly Estate during the reading of his will.


  • Devan Valentine, Widow

    Has she outgrown the “perfect” marriage with the “perfect” husband?

  • Shannon-Marie Medici, Eldest Daughter

    Though she was always daddy’s little girl, as she grew up she didn’t always do as daddy told.

  • Chelsey LeRoi, James’ Youngest Daughter

    A troublemaker since birth, she’s the rebel of the family.

  • Laurigail Price, James’ Sister

    She’s been living off the fat of the land for years—can she afford her lifestyle with her brother gone? Or does it only get more lavish with him out of the picture?

  • Amy Nicole McMiller, James’ Ex-Wife

    Voracious, competent and beautiful, to this day, she runs the art gallery she started with James. She’s had her flings over the years, but can anyone ever really replace her first true love?

  • Erich “Low Low” Price, James’ Only Nephew

    He stands to inherit millions, but he loved his uncle...Didn’t he?

  • Alibaster MacDonald, Family Psychologist

    Alibaster knows secrets about the Miller family that would make an apple blush. But do they know too much?

  • Nicksworth the Faithful Butler

    There is nothing Nicksworth doesn’t know about James or his dying wishes.

  • Elainealise the Maid

    She’s been devoted all of these years and she DESERVES a reward.

  • Nathaniel the Chauffeur

    His parents have been the maid and butler for the Miller family for years. He was born and raised at Heavenly alongside the Miller girls, who he knows *pretty well*.

  • Rosswell Beautiful, Pool Boy

    A more recent employee hired by Ms. Valentine, Rosswell was hired to keep the pool, amongst other things, in tip top shape.

  • Mathew Marcus, Esq. James’ Barrister

    James kept Mr. Marcus busy with legal issues, including revisions to his will, up to his dying day.

  • Dawnovan Hancock, James’ closest friend

    Who says that blood is thicker than water?

  • Officer Lueke,Triceps of Tahoe County, Det.

    They have some hot leads on who the murderer may be...
    and they all lead to Heavenly.